Lower/Wetted Units

Transmix lower wetted units

Agitators for any size Tote

Trans-mix™ Lower units easily attach to the tote cover and become integral to the tote. TML Lower Units pair with TMU Drive Units to make a complete system.

  • Feature a robust bearing and proprietary hex input shaft to transmit drive force
  • 304 and 316 stainless steel options available
  • Bolt onto modified tote cover along with an FKM o-ring and PTFE gasket combo
  • 1" Diameter Shaft w/ PTFE Lip Seals
  • 14" & 16" Axial Turbine Blades w/ Bead Blast Finish (standard)
  • Custom Lengths available upon request
  • Tote Cover/Lid not included
TML-304-20.5 20.5" (Used on 180 Gal. Metal IBC Totes) REQUEST A DATA SHEET
TML-304-26.5 26.5" (Used on 215 or 250 Gal. Metal IBC Totes) REQUEST A DATA SHEET
TML-304-32.5 32.5" (Used on 260 or 300 Gal. Metal IBC Totes) REQUEST A DATA SHEET
TML-304-38.5 38.5" (Used on 305 or 350 Gal. Metal IBC Totes) REQUEST A DATA SHEET
TML-304-50.5 50.5" (Used on 395 or 450 Gal. Metal IBC Totes) REQUEST A DATA SHEET
TML-304-62.5 62.5" (Used on 485 or 550 Gal. Metal IBC Totes) REQUEST A DATA SHEET

Tote Cover

tote cover option

Tote Covers must be modified to mount the Trans-mix™ system.

You can purchase modified covers from us or one of our partners, modify your existing covers yourself, or send your covers to us for modification.

If you're interested in mounting a Trans-mix™ system on something other than a standard tote cover. Please inquire for mounting guidance.

ITEM HEADER Description
TMP-EC-304 22.5” Eyebrow Tote Cover w/ Trans-mix™ Mounting Holes, 304 SS (Band Clamp Not Included)
Lower-Wetted Units Data Sheet Cover

Download A Data Sheet

Lower/Wetted Units Datasheet Form

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