Upper/Drive Units

Prime Movers for any environment

Upper unit - air


Drive Units

From 1.7hp to 5.0hp Standard.
Explosion Proof, Compact, Variable Speed, easy to Install and Operate.

Upper unit - electric


Drive Units

From 1.5hp to 3.0hp Standard.
Efficient and Quiet with the ability to integrate into control systems.

Upper unit - hydraulics


Drive Units

Up to 1500 PSI and 8 GPM Standard. Extremely Compact, Variable Speed, Proven in the toughest conditions.

Unmatched Reliability & Exceptional Performance

Trans-mix™ Systems utilize a unique cycloidal disc reduction mechanism. Unlike geared designs, the cycloidal reduction components operate in compression rather than shear preventing tooth breakage typical in conventional gearing, and resulting in a durable product with a long life.

Break resistant teeth
  • 2/3rds of internal reduction components in contact at all times versus traditional gears with only a few teeth in contact
  • Utilizes compression rather than shear forces, no shearing off gear teeth
  • Rolling elements result in less friction and less heat allowing the use of maintenance-free grease lubrication, no grease fittings or topping off grease required
  • Cycloidal disc mechanism is more compact than traditional gearing cutting down on weight and overhead clearance
  • Cycloidal disc mechanism is more efficient than traditional gearing
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Trans-mix™ is a product platform designed and manufactured by Fawcett Company Inc. of Richfield Ohio. Please contact us for more information on other Fawcett products and services.

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